Art has always been an interest of mine, especially digital 3D art. I've devoted much of the last 4 years to studying 3D modelling, and have learnt and experimented with many 3D tools. Digital sculpting is what I most enjoy. Throughout I've worked at improving both my artistic and technical ability, inspired by artists such as Simon Stålenhag, Olly Moss, and Pascal Blanché. I always liked learning new creative/technical skills, I've learnt a few programming languages and web design, which I've used to make my own website. I spend my spare time drawing, coding, or reading. I was home-schooled and my knowledge of 3D, coding, and web design is mainly self-taught. Additionally, I've done several online courses in programming. In 2017-2018 I studied with CG Spectrum where I learnt ZBrush sculpting, and greatly improved my skills in modelling and texturing.


Software Experience

I also have experience using Mari, Marvelous Designer, and Unreal Engine 4.

Programming Experience